Five winning tips to effective advocacy with your school

The ACD Support team helps hundreds of Victorian families to advocate on behalf of their children with a disability. These are their top tips to help families work in partnership with schools to maximise their child’s school experience.

  1. Gather information and consider the outcome you want before entering a meeting with the school – writing down the facts can help you feel more prepared
  2. Ask for your child’s input – if possible, ask your child to tell you in detail about the problem and what they believe might help
  3. Become familiar with Student Support Group guidelines and understand the responsibility of all members of the group. Develop a Personalised Learning and Support Plan.
  4. Consider involving an advocate or support person – Even if your school is trying to be helpful and supportive an advocate or support person can help you plan your approach to the school, help explain the school system, understand the terminology and attend the meeting with you if necessary
  5. Keep a written record – Take your own notes and review the school’s meeting minutes. Keep copies of all written material and communicate via email where possible. Maintain a record of important phone conversations and follow up in writing as necessary.

For further information on supporting children with a disability through school please visit ACD’s Learning Together Resource available at

This entry was posted on January 18, 2016